Tiago Paixão

IST Austria
Am Campus, 1
3400 Klosterneuburg, Austria

formerly at:
Dept of Biology & Biochem.
SR2 221A
University of Houston
Houston, TX 77204


I have been, and remain, entirely committed to the idea that modeling is the essence of science and the habitat of all epistemology.
Robert Rosen - Essays on Life Itself      

I am a theoretical biologist who uses mathematical and simulation tools to understand processes in biology. My current general interests include the predictability of the evolutionary process, the evolution of developmental mechanisms and the nature of genotype-phenotype maps. 
I have a background in physics, specifically in dynamical systems and non-linear dynamics. I turned to biology for my PhD, where I studied the causes and implications of stochastic gene expression in cell populations. This led to my interest in evolution and development and to my time in Houston. There I was a postdoctoral researcher in Ricardo Azevedo's lab at University of Houston and I worked on a number of problems ranging from modeling the C. elegans sex determination pathway to evolution of gene networks. Later, I joined the Nick Barton's group, where I have been exposed to the interdisciplinary environment of IST Austria. Here, I started a number of collaborations with molecular biologists, physicists, computer scientists and mathematicians.


April 2016: Our paper on the role of gene interactions and epistasis in the evolutionary process has just been accepted in PNAS.

January 2015: The first paper of SAGE in biology has just been accepted in the Journal of Theoretical Biology. We propose a framework able to describe general evolutionary processes.

January 2014: The SAGE project has started!

April 2013: Me and my collaborators have just been awarded a huge FP7 grant to explore the synergies between population genetics and the theory of evolutionary computation.

November, 2012: Our two papers on the contribution of population genetics to the theory of genetic algorithms have been accepted at GECCO, the best EA conference in computer science.

December 1, 2011: I recently moved to Austria, where I'll be working in Nick Barton's group.

March 5, 2011: Our recent paper in Evolution about the evolution of sex ratios in Tetrahymena was featured in New Scientist and Discover magazines.